How we serve sellers

How we serve sellers

Selling your home can be a very stressful and confusing process. Molina Realtors are experts with every step of the process and we look forward to helping you through each of the services listed below.

Comparative Market Analysis

We conduct a thorough CMA or Comparative Market Analysis using current list price data & past comparable sold property sales to help our clients value their property. Find out what your home is worth HERE. (*insert link to “What’s my home worth” page*)

A Marketing Plan that Works

Molina Realtors will help create a focused marketing plan for every type of property in the Minneapolis, Bloomington, Columbia Heights, Edina, Lakeville, Richfield, St Louis Park and greater Twin Cities’ real estate markets. Some things work better in some areas and price ranges than others. We’ll show you a specific plan focused & targeted for your property.

Thorough Home Evaluation

We consider it our obligation to help you objectively evaluate your home’s condition and properly assess how it stacks up in the current market.

Proper List Pricing & Market Updates

We utilize our CMA report information to help our clients value their properties appropriately and approach the market with realistic expectations. We want to help avoid incorrect pricing, as that can result in money being left on the table for our sellers or cause the property to linger on the market. It’s also important that as listings come on the market and others sell, we adjust according to the supply/ demand ratio to give your home the best chance of selling.

Price Negotiations

We conduct a sound valuation process, which should help result in quick offers. We will be ready to assist you through all contract price negotiations and will work to get you the highest price possible with the least amount of concessions.

Inspections & Repair Negotiations

Once the buyer completes their inspection process, they often request corrective action that involves expense to the seller. We’re here to help you to keep the deal alive without giving up too much.

Contract to Closing Process

There are many tasks, and deliveries involved in taking a seller side transaction from contract through a successful closing. It can be a very confusing process, but Molina Realtors can help you stay on top of all of these tasks to make sure you leave the closing table confident, comfortable, and ready to move on with life.